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People Cu3ed FACTSHEET

Release Date:

November 2nd 2018 (Full Release)


Stand-Alone VR Edition: Q1 2019

Platforms (Confirmed):


(Compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets)

Platforms (Q1 2019):

Wave VR

Daydream VR



Cost (us$):

$9.99 (PC-VR)

$6.49 (Stand-Alone)


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People Cu3ed - The Game

People Cu3ed is an innovative VR game where you leave your human body behind when you put on the headset.

You'll find yourself in a comedic cartoon world where you must use unique mechanics to win back your team and your own original human forms by taking part in the 'Interdimensional Games'.

Fully voice acted and animated, People Cu3ed is an Action Puzzle game with the following features:

  • A Social Strategic View: A rare social experience in VR.

  • An Innovative VR Embodiment Experience: Not just another virtual version of real life...

  • 40 levels of gameplay that builds on the things you've learnt in the levels before.

People Cu3ed - The Story

Away for the weekend on a camping trip to celebrate your best friends birthday, you find on waking up that she, her family and friends have all been turned into 'cubes'. Not only this, your campsite is trapped in an inescapable force-field and huge purple crystalline tower has grown from the ground and touches the clouds high above you.

Did you drink too much the night before? Did you not get enough sleep?? No - you've been 'Cu3ed' - and as you'll quickly find out, if you ever want your human body back - you better be willing to compete for  it...

The 'Interdimensional Games' takes place every year - and each year a different team is invited to show off their particular place in time and space. Normally those of us in the third dimension aren't considered 'developed' enough to take part - but this year, special dispensation has been granted to us 'lower life forms' to take part as well. However your human forms wouldn't really work where you are going - plus as simple beings, the creators of the games decided that you might need 'motivation' to take part - hence your new shape.

All this is explained to you by the ever sarcastic, unprofessional and 'encouraging' Gamesmaster - who isn't having the best day either and doesn't hesitate to take it out on you and your team. You will work together to solve the puzzles of the 'Crystalline Tower' to entertain the higher dimensions and do your best to represent the 3rd dimension in the games. If you don't... there will be consequences...

So join your friends Sara, Becky and the Twins, as well as Sara's parents and flying, glowing, happy-go-luck baby sister 'Suzie' to take part in the games and represent your dimension!


People Cu3ed - Ball Squeezingly Good Fun! Only in VR, released 2nd November 2018 on Steam

Level 1 Walkthrough and Gameplay