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People Cu3ed Out Soon on Wave VR and Daydream

After a fair chunk of work to adapt the game to it’s new home on the distinctively less cable bound platforms of stand-alone VR, we’re happy to confirm the conversion is now complete and will be released <soon>… At present we are finalizing the approval process with both Google for Daydream, and HTC for Wave VR - but in the meantime here is a new trailer to enjoy showing some footage shot inside one of the shiny new stand-alone devices we’re all so excited about!


Christmas Update for People Cu3ed

It’s Christmas!!!!!!!!

OK actually it’s not yet - but that hasn’t stopped the cast and characters in People Cu3ed dressing up a little! We’re releasing this week version 1.10 of the game, which as well as some minor bug fixes and performance improvements, has an optional ‘Christmas Mode’ for all to enjoy. It’s a re-skin of the game (that is completely free of charge!), and will hopefully help you get into the festive spirit!

We’ve also been kicking off a new project over the last couple of weeks, that will be a completely new title for VR - more news to follow on this next year!


Christmas Cu3ed

Release the Cu3es!

We've pushed the button: People Cu3ed is now live and available to download on Steam!

People Cu3ed 1.0 will hopefully bring you many, many hours or hilarious VR gaming - and you'll have as much fun as we had making it.

We're keen to hear as much feedback as possible, as we've said all along - the game is really a product of a large group of people doing a large amount of testing, and if there are things in the 1.0 version our players think could be better - tell us, and providing it's a sensible point - we will most likely include it in the next update (i.e. please don't tell us your balls aren't squidgy enough).

Remember - you can contact us on all the social media by searching for 'Whitway Studios', or we have a old fashioned traditional email account sat in the corner wearing slippers and smoking a pipe at the following address:


Other than that: Happy Gaming!


We’ve had an extremely busy month…! Getting People Cu3ed ready for a release has kept us relatively quiet, but it’s ready - it’s uploaded to Steam, and we’re ready to go for the 2nd of November. Exciting!

There have been a lot of changes since the demo, and as a result we’ve decided to take the old demo down, which you can read more about here:

Indie DB Article: Final Testing, Release and Retiring the Demo

These changes have also resulted in changes to the game play and to the graphics of the game, so we’ve revised a few aspects of the trailer which you can find a copy of below.

We can’t wait to release the game to the public - so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: as always, we are friendly! :)

Remember, Remember, the 2nd of November…


People Cu3ed Demo Now Live


We are excited to announce that our demo for People Cu3ed is now live and free for all to play on not just just Steam, but also Itch.IO and specialist VR games distributor WearVR.

We are giving this demo away as the People Cu3ed has been built on our interactions with people playing it - and we want to continue doing that. We didn't want to go down the early access route - a half finished version of the game wasn't appealing - but an fun mini-version of People Cu3ed was. So here it is - and it's yours - free!

Please download and give it a go, and let us know what you think. Get in touch via any of the 'social medias', or by just sending us an email to info@whitwaystudios.com. We'd love to talk!

Links to various download sites below (NB the WearVR store page will go live later today, however Steam and Itch are up and ready to go):

Let's Play People Cu3ed!


We've released some footage of one of our testers having a little bit of a bad day at the office... Usually this guy is one of the best at the game (so much so, we actually started off making the levels a little too challenging at the beginning!) however, everyone has an off day - and this was his.

The series is hilarious to watch (including the 'special' at the end') and a bit of a preview of what you can expect in People Cu3ed. Some of the levels featured in the video aren't in the free demo that get's released this Friday either, so check them out for a bit more of a sneak peak at the full game!

(We particularly like level 4's video) - enjoy!



We've spent quite a while over the last week optimising the People Cu3ed demo ready for it's free release to the public next Friday 7th September.

However one issue remains that isn't in our software so we haven't found a way to get around it. As People Cu3ed is built using the SteamVR system, OpenVR is used to convert to other platforms. OpenVR does a great job doing this for the WinMR system, however for the Rift on the odd occasion you have multiple monitors being rendered to as well as your HMD - OpenVR will struggle.

Honestly speaking, you need quite a computer to run a VR application and several monitors at the same time anyway, however with Rift in this configuration, we've seen lag as the system tries to keep all screens in sync. We therefore don't recommend you use multiple monitors at the same time as using a Rift for VR. The other systems remain un-impacted by this though and we've been able to get even up to 3 additional screens rendered to on WinMR and Vive!

Happy Gaming!

People Cu3ed Demo Early Access


If you are a member of either the Keymailer or Woovit key sharing group for press and other influencers, you can now find our demo on these services for your review. Please just use the links below to access it and us!


Woovit Link



We are happy to confirm that our free public demo of People Cu3ed will be available from 7th September 2018 - just check out the People Cu3ed Steam page for details!

Link HERE!

Free Demo Announced!


Whitway Studios is happy to announce we are going to distribute for free the demo version of People Cu3ed on Steamfrom September onwards.

The demo features 5 of the 40 levels of the interdimensional games - and we hope you will be just as hooked to playing them as we are! Our Gamesmaster himself helped us announce the news today!

Don't Get Scammed!


Highly unlikely - as we don't have the full version yet!

Highly unlikely - as we don't have the full version yet!

We've been made aware that there are websites out there that are claiming to have finished 'cracked' copies of our up-coming VR release 'People Cu3ed', that they are able to give away for free to anyone who will just click 'download'... We are fairly certain this isn't true seeing as we haven't finished production of the game yet... But we do have some news coming soon on getting hold of free People Cu3ed related 'stuff'...

As tempted as we were by the prospect of someone having gone to the effort to finish off the game we are working on for us - we didn't click the link to download, as we (and you!) would probably find ourselves with a nasty case of a viral infection. We recommend you take the same precautions!!

New GIF Artwork


Today we've begun to share our latest GIF artwork around the web. It's a cut down version of the intro to our trailer (which itself comes from a cut down scene from part of our in-game tutorial), where our Gamesmaster is informing the player that if they want to play - they need to 'squeeze their balls'. Want to find out what that means? You better play the game!

People Cu3ed Balls Gif

POdcast Mention


We were mentioned on the Youtube live broadcast one of our favorite podcasts today: VR Roundtable. The show is a great mix of VR gaming news, and general VR chat - and we've been fans for a while - so certainly got a thrill to hear Whitway Studios and People Cu3ed being mentioned!

A shout-out was given to the Ultramarathon promotion we recently 'ran', and if you want to have a listen to the podcast take a look for it on whichever podcast app you prefer or check out their live broadcast in the Youtube link here. We can't recommend this show highly enough!

Indie DB Article


Having recently gotten our company and game 'People Cu3ed' up onto the Indie DB website, we've just had an article published on the site talking a little about us and a lot about the game itself. It's a good read (we think!) so check it out if you get a chance. Link here!

People Cu3ed

Giving away goodies


We spent some of Saturday morning at the local parkrun (Peterborough in the UK) handing to a couple of friends of the company some People Cu3ed kit we felt they deserved. Louis and Lexie (the little ones in the picture!) did us a fantastic picture of Baby Suzie from our upcoming title People Cu3ed, so we wanted to reward them with a couple of our branded hats.

Wayne, Louis and Lexie produly wearing their People Cu3ed Kit!

Wayne, Louis and Lexie produly wearing their People Cu3ed Kit!

We also had speedy local runner Wayne who asked if he could borrow a shirt - and we happily obliged!



We are On Indie DB


We are proud to announce that our Indie DB page is now up and online, meaning that Whitway Studios has joined the same proud ranks of many other hardworking independent games developers that are also registered there. People Cu3ed also get's its on page, so why not check it out at the link here

People Cu3ed

People Cu3ed gets Age Rating


We're happy to announce that People Cu3ed is now through the age rating process over at the ESRB, and has been given a rating of 'Teen', with a special mention for 'suggestive themes'. We strongly suspect this is to do with the Gamesmasters insistence that the player 'squeeze their balls' - and fully agree with the rating! In fact we 'suggest' you add the game to your Steam wishlist to see what else goes on in the game! (Did you see the pun there?)


VR Giveaway Winner Announced


We are pleased to announce that Casper Devon is the winner of a copy of our new game 'People Cu3ed' after guessing closest to the actual distance that People Cu3ed creator (Lee Whitton) would run at the Cotswolds 24 hour race in Cirencester over the weekend.

We do still however have a headset to giveaway - so please keep an eye out for our next giveaway!

We are on Steam!


We are incredibly proud to announce that our debut title 'People Cu3ed' is now available to view and add to wishlists via Steam. We can also now confirm compatibility across the PC VR space - on Rift, Vive and all Windows MR devices. Take a look at our Steam page here.


People Cu3ed Announced!


We are pleased to announce our first title today - 'People Cu3ed' coming to you in VR in November of 2018. Check out our trailer below: